Working for Watersheds Report

The watershed sector encompasses activities that directly support the maintenance, restoration, or improvement of healthy watersheds. In 2019, the watershed sector is estimated to have directly employed 27,200 people and more broadly supported jobs for 47,900 British Columbians in five sub-sectors. This level of employment compares favourably with other sectors, including agriculture, mining, and oil and gas. In 2019, the watershed sector contributed an estimated $5 billion to the province’s GDP.

A $100 million/year Watershed Security Fund investment over 10 years will create an estimated 13,000 more jobs and contribute $1.3 billion more to provincial GDP by 2030 than under a business-as-usual scenario.

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Forest Ministry staff and the BCWF Wetlands Education Program field training for Forest and Range Evaluation Program, Fort St James, B.C. June 2018. Pg. iv. Photo by BCWF Wetlands Education Program.